Monday, September 8, 2008

Having Fun with Glitter - Embellishing Brads and More...

When Loreen asked me what I wanted to work with first now that I'm a part of the design clique, we started talking about different projects I've seen on the internet that I've always wanted to try. One of them was creating my own brads... The concept seemed simple enough. But little did we know, once that glitter showed up at my house, would I be playing with it in entirely different way. You can actually cater your brads to meet whatever your needs may be!

For starters, in order to embellish your own brads, there are a few things you'll need to get started - a bowl to put your glitter in, a piece of foam for your brads to dry on, a paper piercer to put holes in the foam (not pictures), brads (I used Making Memories) Inkssentials Glossy Accents, and glitter (I used Barbara Trombley's Art Glitter in Reggae - it has roughly 6 different color tubes of glitter you can use alone or mix them up!).

Pop some holes in the foam with enough space between them so that your brads aren't touching one another. You want to do this first so that you don't damage the brads when putting them into the foam block to dry.

Put your glitter into the bowl. Make sure the glitter is deep enough so that you aren't touching the bowl itself when pressing down with the brad.

Cover the head of the brad with the Glossy Accents and then dip the head of the brad into the glitter. You can use your fingers to gently press down onto the glittered head as well as make sure that your brad head has retained its own shape (for the star I went around it with my paper pierces so that it wasn't lumpy around the edges).

Let your brads dry for a day or two just to ensure that you don't loose any of the glitter. And there you have it.. nice and easy and designed perfectly for whatever you need your sparkly brads to match.

So go make something sparkle!


Kim said...

Love your sparkles! That looks like a lot of fun! Great tutorial Kimmie!
Hugs~ Kim

Mrs. Nancy G said...

AWESOME!!! Thanks for sharing!